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Preparing Your Mind for a Horse Show

Preparing Your Mind for a Horse Show

This is a 30 minute MP3 audio file. When purchased, you will receive an email with a link to download the file. You may keep the file and and listen to it as many times as you wish.

This self-hypnosis recording is the result of a partnership between a licensed hypnotherapist and a horse trainer. It is designed to prepare you for an upcoming horse show. It uses positive visualization techniques to help you feel prepared and ready to handle whatever the show day may bring and to help you deliver your best possible performance.

High-performance athletes have used visualization for years to sharpen their skills. When you listen to this recording, your mind imagines sights, sounds, and feelings associated with successful performance at a show. Studies show that skills can be enhanced similar to physical practice when you repeatedly call up these images while in the state of deep relaxation induced by hypnosis.

Music by Thaddeus. Available from LuminEssence Productions at

And of course, the unavoidable disclaimer for all equestrian-related products:

By purchasing this recording, you acknowledge and agree that equestrian activities are dangerous and hazardous and involve risk of serious injury and/or death and/or property damage. You consciously and voluntarily assume all such risks, dangers and hazards inherent in these activities by choosing to work with horses, and you agree to release Hypno-Ride and its affiliated parties of all liabilities related to your activities with horses. While some of the Hypno-Ride recordings may include affirming and confidence-building statements, you acknowledge that we have not seen you work with horses to assess your abilities, nor have we seen your horse to evaluate his/her behavior. Consequently, none of the statements made in the recordings should be taken to be an assessment of your abilities with horses or your horse's suitability for you. If you have doubts in any of these areas, we recommend you contract with a professional trainer who is able to work with you and your horse in person.